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R-A Specialists March 2013 Newsletter

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th

This year the 252nd NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be held on Saturday, March 16th. It’s the oldest and largest parade in the world. If you are a proud Irishman or of Irish descent you can check out the details at www.NYCStPatricksParade.org

R-A Specialists has been a loyal supporter of the parade for many years because of our involvement with the Power Memorial Academy Alumni (http://powermemorialacademy.net/)

IATA Addendum - Important

On February 14th IATA issued an addendum to the 54th Edition of the IATA DGR which became retroactively effective 1 January 2013. You can download a copy from our website by clicking HERE.The addendum drops Special Provision A51 from column M of the Dangerous Goods List.

Lithium Batteries – what? Again?

IATA issued a second addendum (see the link above). More airlines have jumped on board by adding restrictions relating to Lithium Batteries. As of March 1st the Boeing B-787 Dreamliners are still grounded by the FAA and Boeing. That ought to give you some idea of the potential dangers involved with these batteries. If you still don’t take the risks seriously, the next time you take a flight somewhere bear in mind that the aircraft is likely to be transporting lithium batteries as cargo and you or other passengers probably have lithium batteries in your pocket, purse, cell phone, laptop or tablet. Have a safe trip.

Our Soap Box

We rant and rave and preach about safety in transportation most of the time

Laptop fire in overhead baggage bin on a passenger aircraft.

Batteries caught fire in aircraft baggage container during flight.

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We provide corrective packaging for dangerous goods shipments at New York Area Airports and hazmat training courses either in house or on location.

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