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Upcoming Dangerous Goods Training Classes - 2012

(All Feature Lithium Batteries)
  • November 13-14-15, 2012 (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) – Ocean Initial
  • November 27, 2012 (Tuesday) – Air Recurrent --this class is filled--
  • December 4-5-6, 2012 (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday) – Air Initial*
  • Domestic Cosmetics and Perfume Shippers On-Line Program available 24/7 (Features Special Permit 9275)**


Best way to signup is through the website - http://www.r-a-specialists.com/vip/training.htm

In-House Training subject to schedule availability.

Our 2013 schedule will be posted on this website in early December.

* The November and December air classes will feature the IATA 54th Edition – 2013.

Do you think aerosol products are harmless?

Do you think aerosol products are harmless?
The maker of Banana Boat sunscreen is recalling one of its spray-on products after reports that a handful of people have caught on fire after applying the lotion.

If you missed the DGAC Annual Conference during the middle of October check out the report on the first day’s activities here: http://www.dgac.org/news/2012/10/16/dgac-annual-conference-day-1-slideshow

If you are not a member of DGAC you are probably not current on all of the regulatory changes and proposed changes. Consider joining DGAC – check their website at http://www.dgac.org/reasons-to-join

Lithium Batteries –

If you ship lithium batteries and you have not trained your personnel you are urged to get appropriate training which is mandatory. Refer to the individual packing instructions. For a “heads up” on the confusing changes in the 2013 IATA/ICAO regulations check out IATA’s website at http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dangerous_goods/Documents/Lithium-Battery-Guidance-2013-V1.1.pdf

The significance of "R-A Specialists Inc.", our corporate name

In the early days of hazardous materials (dangerous goods) regulations the most common set of regulations used by the airline industry was IATA’s “Restricted Articles Regulations”. During the late ‘60’s and the 1970’s most experts working for the airlines were simply referred to as R-A Specialists. Our founder was one of those experts. When it was suggested that we start up a consulting and packaging service to assist shippers and forwarders the name R-A Specialists was suggested and adopted when we incorporated in March, 1976.

Our reputation over 36 plus years signifies our dedication to the safe transportation of restricted articles, now known as dangerous goods.

Through the years following 1976 we have added our expertise and dedication to safety to other modes of transportation – ocean and highway.

We’ve also added special design and packaging techniques to other cargoes that are not hazardous but require special needs such as refrigeration and other critical requirements necessary to the successful arrival of those shipments to the destination.

IATA significant changes for 2013 – 54th Edition.

You can view and download IATA’s changes here: http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dangerous_goods/Documents/DGR54-Significant-Changes.pdf

Our Soap Box

We rant and rave and preach about safety in transportation most of the time – this time it’s the economy, stupid (congress)

Hurricane Sandy hit our business and our homes pretty badly. Fortunately our business office and warehouse were safe from flooding but we have been without electric power since Sunday evening, October 30th. Of course, without electricity we are unable to open warehouse doors and we’ve lost our ability to crank up our computers. By November 1st we still had no electricity at the office and at our homes. Thanks to a shirt tail relative your editor got house electricity but still no Internet service. We thank our clients for their patience – no doubt they are in the same boat. Thanks to our webmaster we were able to monitor our important e-mails.

Any comments?

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