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Ooops! He made a mistake!

No, the world did not end on May 21st as predicted by Harold Camping. According to Camping it has been postponed until October 21, 2011, a Friday, which means we will not be able to watch the NFL on TV on Sunday, October 23rd or Monday Night Football on October 24th or know who might have won World Series or the Cricket Matches in India.

We will try to keep you updated just in case there is a rainout on October 21st and Harold decides to re-schedule the event.

Upcoming Dangerous Goods Training Classes - 2011

(All Feature Lithium Batteries)

  • Dangerous Goods by Ocean Initial Training** June 7-8-9
  • Dangerous Goods by Air Recurrent Training* June 14
  • Dangerous Goods by Ocean Recurrent Training** June 28
  • July - no training - we're going Golfing!
  • Domestic Cosmetics and Perfume Shippers On-Line Program available 24/7 (Features Special Permit 9275)
  • In-House Training subject to schedule availability.
  • * The Dangerous Goods by Air programs will feature the 2011 IATA Regulations.
  • ** The Dangerous Goods by Ocean programs will feature the new Amendment 35
  • Check our website for the 2011 Schedule which is now available.

Transportation Security

We try to review the U.S. DOT/PHMSA penalty actions from time to time to make sure that we are addressing the more significant issues in the area of enforcement and safety. It also provides us with answers to routine questions that are raised during our training classes.

We noticed a particular increase in penalties related to hazmat employers failure to provide Hazmat Security Awareness Training or In Depth Security Training for particularly dangerous hazardous materials that would pose a threat to a larger segment of the population.

You can download the DOT/PHMSA Security Awareness Program at the following link: http://phmsa.dot.gov/...~...training_module.html

Click on the Security Awareness image on the right hand side of the opening page. As the download program opens click on run and follow the directions. After completing the program you should take the test then print out the test as proof that you have received the training. Attach that test to your other training records.

The 2010 Report is 101 pages. You might want to download it for more leisurely reading. Note the number of times that the security training is noted as well as the failure of shippers or carriers who failed to register with the D.O.T. Hazmat Program. We find these reports interesting but they also keep us on our toes.

Click here for the 2010 report: http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/...~...pdf

Security should still be our major concern.

Our soap box:

We rant and rave and preach about safety in transportation most of the time.

July 4th Holiday Independence Day

Each year we try to remind our U.S. readers that fireworks pose a serious risk in transportation, storage, and use.

Dot/PHMSA issued a safety alert a couple of years ago. We have referenced it a couple of times in the past and do so again in an effort to keep everyone safe so that they can enjoy a significant national holiday.

Please click on the following link: http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/...~....pdf

By the way, we will be closed for the three-day holiday weekend July 2-3-4. As usual we will monitor e-mails for our clients with any urgent business.

Send your Soapbox Rant to raclass@r-a-specialists.com. We might have to edit them a little but we will remain true to your real frustrations.

From the National Fire Protection Association

Speaking of fireworks .

The NFPA (we are a member) has a number of films about fireworks the dangers and some sad stories about children be safe this Fourth of July click here for films: http://www.nfpa.org/itemDetail...~...

Lithium Batteries

Need convincing on lithium battery dangers? Click on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?...~...player_embedded

Please remember that before you can ship lithium batteries as not regulated or not restricted you must first comply with some very strict testing, packaging and usually special labeling requirements and you must provide written cautions to the carrier, regardless of mode of transportation and train you employees.

In our opinion

We had pretty much thought that we were finished with the newsletter and was about to send it off to Tom for insertion into this website. But then forgot to do it before running off for a three day holiday weekend. And, lo and behold, we read an opinion column in our local newspaper while having our Saturday morning coffee to sort of wake up and get our motor running.

Since our Newsletter was planned to close with what seemed like the usual endless references to lithium battery safety or problems for quite a few months now, we were somewhat nagged by the newspaper article. Since a vast majority of politicians fail to do it, we started to connect the dots.

  • We recognize the many important uses of lithium batteries, particularly the rechargeable lithium ion batteries and wherever new technologies will take us. Electric cars; trucks, buses; battery operated locomotives for the railroads; auxiliary emergency electric power for our homes and communities; almost endless uses. Of course, a rechargeable lithium battery, or other rechargeable technology, needs electricity to recharge. And that's where the newspaper article came in . The author, Bill McKibben of the Global Climate Campaign enumerated a number of recent climate catastrophes that connected a number of dots in your writer's feeble brain.
  • Devastating tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri Tuscaloosa, Alabama (3 weeks apart)
  • or the 16-state outbreak of tornadoes three weeks before that
  • forest fires in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico caused by a severe drought
  • heavy winter snowfalls in the Midwest USA followed by heavier-than-usual springtime rainfall, causing the Mississippi River to experience severe flooding

And Mr. McKibben wondered if there was a climate-change connection to this devastation. (He knew the answer) He then went on to remind us of far away

  • mega-floods in Australia, New Zealand and Pakista;
  • Artic and Antartic Ice meltin;
  • a hundred year draught in the Amazon jungl;
  • pine forests of the west coast of North America obliterated by a beetle infestation which has now spread to the east coast of the United States.
  • a heat wave in Russia that destroyed the rich grain farmland;
  • the failed grain harvests in Queensland, Australia, France and German;
  • the death of the winter wheat crop in Texas and the inability of Midwest U.S. farmers to plant corn in flooded farm field and all this started to makes us focus on our own local problems
  • erosion of beaches due to harsher-than-usual winter storms
  • exceptionally cold winters
  • unusually heavy spring rains
  • exceptionally warm summers you know the weather we gripe about in the office. Is all of this connected?
  • The smog in Los Angeles?
  • The warnings about the ozone layer?
  • The greenhouse effect?
  • Global warming?
  • Fossil fuel?

Mr. McKibben wondered if there was a climate-change connection to this devastation. Yes, he knew the answer. Are all these dots connected? You betcha! Unfortunately a lot of politicians in the U.S. and around the world refuse or are unable to connect the dots. Perhaps because they are influenced by the oil companies lobbyists?

But what does all this have to do with rechargeable lithium batteries?

We all need some source of electricity to recharge batteries or whatever new technologies are yet to come to generate or provide new sources of renewable energy.

  • Nuclear Power? After Chenobyl, Three Mile Island and now the Fukishima disaster in Japan the role of nuclear power is too risky for the public to accept.
  • Solar power.
  • Hydropower.
  • Wind power.

Apparently our only options. Or is it already too late?

Remember? According to Mr. Camping, the end of the world has been postponed until October 21, 2011! Maybe we should step up our efforts to reduce or eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels like coal and oil.

For our United States visitors, please be extra careful with fireworks, and, in particular keep our young children safe on Independence Day.
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