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June 2010 Newsletter

Upcoming Dangerous Goods Training Dates at JFK and on the web (All Feature Lithium Batteries)

  • Dangerous Goods by Ocean – Recurrent Training – June 15 (Tuesday)
  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Initial Training – June 22-23-24 (Tues-Wed-Thurs) - limited openings.
  • July is reserved for vacations.
  • On Line Domestic Hazmat Training Program for the Cosmetics Industry - available 24/7 –A/V Program.

Our complete 2010 training schedule is posted on this website.

Check your current training records - if you are close to the expiration date make your reservations now for any of our classes throughout the year. We always remind attendees by e-mail or telephone a few days prior to the class.

Check our website often. We will be making a few changes to our opening page to help you to navigate our website a little easier. We would appreciate feedback concerning the improvements.
e-mail info@r-a-specialists.com

Frozen and Temperature Sensitive Packaging

For over 30 years we have been providing refrigerated and frozen packaging for food, pharmaceuticals, sensitive electronics and computer parts, clinical research projects, films and aerospace chemicals, and products that require protection from both heat and cold.

Lithium Batteries & Other Electric Power Sources

There have been some interesting developments in the lithium battery industry. Auto manufacturers are setting new directions by increasing their goals for completely electric vehicles and the lithium battery industry is gearing up with new production facilities to meet the increasing demand. Those batteries will have to be transported from the manufacturers to the auto makers. Truckers, freight forwarders, air, rail, and ocean carriers are starting to gear up their preparations for handling this increased business. And so has R-A Specialists. For almost two years we have been offering in-house training programs for transportation companies and users of lithium batteries. If your company is not paying attention to this growing technology you will be left in the dust.

What about other sources of electric power?

Sodium metal halide battery technology

G.E. is developing this technology as a source of electric motor boosting for locomotives and heavy construction vehicles much like the present day hybrid automobiles that presently use lithium ion battery technology with smaller gasoline or diesel motors. The advantages are expected to be in the ability to provide large storage capabilities and slow release of the electric power. These batteries will also provide storage in conjunction with other sources of electrical energy such as wind and solar.

As the world attempts to reduce reliance on oil renewable power sources such as batteries will need to be recharged. You can expect to see electric recharge stations much like gas stations along major highways near you soon.

Help improve the environment – go green!

Warehouse & Driver Training

we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. U.S.D.O.T./PHMSA is expected to publish final rules dealing with lithium battery shipments by 1-1-11. The comment period ended in March and numerous comments were submitted to PHMSA based upon the proposed rule-making.

In the interests of global harmonization we would hope that the final rule adopts the present ICAO Technical Instructions.

To view the comments that have been submitted to PHMSA click on this link:

Warehouse Training:

Perhaps the weakest link in hazmat safety.

We made note of this in last month’s newsletter and the article generated a number of comments by e-mail, phone and a few fax messages. The feedback from warehouse workers indicate that undeclared dangerous goods and damaged cargo and spills are rarely addressed by smaller warehouse operators. Safety starts with you.

U.S. Hazmat Information:

Dangerous Goods Advisory Council

32nd Annual Conference & Hazardous Materials Transportation Exposition
Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Bellevue, WA
October 18-20, 2010
Phone: 425/462-1234

DGAC Room Rate: $195 single or double
Reservation Cut-off date: September 24, 2010
For information click on this link: http://www.dgac.org/conferences/

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