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July 2009 Newsletter

U.S. Independence Day Holiday – July 4. Our office will be closed on Friday, July 3 so our employees may enjoy a three day weekend. Our e-mails will be monitored for urgent business.

Have you checked your training records lately?
Upcoming Dangerous Goods Training Dates at JFK and on the web (All Feature Lithium Batteries)

  • Dangerous Goods by Air - Recurrent August 11
  • Dangerous Goods by Air – Initial August 25-26-27
  • Dangerous Goods by Ocean – Recurrent September 22
  • Domestic Cosmetics Shippers On-Line Program available 24/7
  • In-House Training subject to schedule availability.

Our complete 2009 training schedule is posted on this website.

Click on TRAINING on our opening page in order to reserve your place now. Remember, if you ship, handle, or transport dangerous goods, U.S. Transportation Law as well as International Laws you must receive initial training and then recurrent training every two or three years thereafter, depending on the mode of transportation.


Our June or July Newsletters each year caution viewers about the dangers of fireworks. If you are inclined to celebrate American Independence with some personal fireworks displays please don’t!

Newspaper articles and TV news constantly report on tragedies relating to fireworks particularly at this time of the year. Avoid being the subject of one of those news articles – leave the fireworks to the professionals and do not risk your life or the lives of you loved ones and neighbors.

If you are inclined to transport fireworks in your car or van, don’t. In addition to causing a tragic accident you would be violating U.S. Transportation Law.

Click on this link for U.S. DOT/PHMSA information: Click Here for PDF file

And, if you are still inclined to take a risk, do a Google Search on “Fireworks Accidents”. Very interesting. Have a safe and sane Fourth of July.


Why Don't You Believe Me?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Why Don't You Believe Me?" is a popular song written by Lew Douglas, King Laney, and Roy Rodde and published in 1952.

No, we have not changed the website into a sales operation for old songs due to the economic recession. But with all of our past newsletters featuring lithium batteries we would have hoped that some of the information would have been retained. Or, maybe you simply don’t “believe me”.

Too often people calling or e-mailing about lithium batteries only want to hear the words “not regulated” or “not restricted” and off they go (into the wild blue yonder?) Too often it is the same people asking the same questions about the same products – lithium batteries. Please try to retain the information that we give you. It will save time, money and think of all the trees we will save.

Dangerous Goods Advisory Council

For over thirty years the DGAC has been a leader in promoting safety in transportation. The council has been an advocate for the chemical industry and transporters of dangerous goods/hazardous materials. Your company should seriously consider becoming a member of this outstanding organization.

Mark your calendar:
31st Annual Conference & Hazardous Materials Transportation Exposition
November 18-20, 2009,
Grand Hyatt San Antonio,
600 East Market Street,
San Antonio, TX 78205

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