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January 2006 Newsletter
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Sorry,  we were tied up with some important projects and working on new training programs. We started the newsletter about a dozen times but never managed to finish it. Our belated wishes for happy holidays and a happy, peaceful and profitable New Year.

Fraud? Forgery? - or - Imitation is the best form of flattery.
We continue to receive calls from airlines looking for a Steve Madden, apparently because of errors in documentation or packaging. Steve signs declarations identifying himself as an employee of R-A Specialists. He works for Ski Packing. He is not one of our employees, never was an employee of R-A Specialists, does not represent R-A Specialists, and was not trained by us.

When we spoke to him a number of months ago, we advised him that he was misrepresenting himself as one of our employees. We suggested he might prefer using "hazmat specialist" or "dangerous goods specialist." We can only assume that he has a passionate ambition to become an employee of R-A Specialists. No, Steve, that won't happen.

How do you spot a forgery? Our air declarations have our logo, address, phone numbers, and website address immediately below the shipper's reference on the shipper's dangerous goods declaration.

Hazmat/Dangerous Goods Training Programs -
Our 2006 hazardous materials/dangerous goods training schedule is now on the website - click on "Training" on the opening page. Ocean shippers and forwarders will be pleased to know that we will have our IMO Training in January as Amendment 32-04 becomes mandatory. Our ocean training programs in 2005 featured the new regulations and will continue with that format in 2006. As always, we supply the most current regulations in all of our training programs. We also feature the mandated Hazmat Transportation Security Awareness Training as part of our training programs.

Our next training programs are:

Dangerous Goods by Ocean - Initial Training
January 10-11-12, 2006 (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday)

Dangerous Goods by Air - Recurrent Training
January 17, 2006 (Tuesday) -

this class appears to be filling up quickly - check your training records.

Dangerous Goods by Ocean - Recurrent Training
February 1, 2006 (Wednesday)

Dangerous Goods by Air - Initial Training
February 21-22-23, 2006 (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday)

We have renewed our old practice of regularly-scheduled Hazmat Training for Warehouse/Driver/Airline Ramp subcontractor personnel with classes scheduled for March, May, September and November of 2006. Due to the new FAA training requirements for the air carrier subcontractors, including maintenance and stores personnel, additional classes will be added as the demand warrants.

U.S. D.O.T. HM-240

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has fine-tuned a few regulations that will become effective on January 9, 2006. The highlights are:

Shippers are required to retain their records for dangerous goods shipments for a period of two years from the date that the cargo was delivered to a carrier. This increases that documentation requirement by a little less than one year. The old requirement was 375 days.

Carriers will be required to retain their records for a period of one year (365 days) as opposed to the present requirement of 375 days.

Training requirements were expanded to cover maintenance-of-way employees and signalmen in the railroad industry.

U.S. D.O.T. Exemptions issued or renewed on January 9 or later will be renamed DOT Special Permits. This will require changes in documentation and package markings as old exemptions are renewed or new ones issued. Shippers who have the present exemption number preprinted on packagings will have to use a little caution as they re-order new packagings in order to insure that the proper markings are placed on the packages. The new markings will have to indicate DOT SP-(with the appropriate number added).

These regulations were issued on December 9, 2005 without the usual proposed rules being issued in advance, which would have allowed for a comment period by the public prior to implementing a final rule and a transition period.

To view the entire final rule use the following link.

Speaking of training....
Air Carriers and their Subcontractors:
If you did not pay close attention to our November Newsletter, you can review it by clicking "previous newsletters" on our opening page. Significant expansion of training requirements for Part 121 and 135 air carriers and part 145 repair stations.

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