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January / February 2005 Newsletter
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...Still more on Lithium Batteries and Cells forbidden on passenger and cargo aircraft!

Primary lithium batteries are non-rechargeable lithium batteries such as the batteries that are used in hearing aids, watches, cameras, calculators and other small electronic goods. These are the batteries that are frequently shipped under ICAO/IATA Special Provision A-45 as “not regulated” or “not restricted” and required a statement on the air waybill indicating:

“Not restricted per Special Provision A-45”.

They are now restricted to CARGO AIRCRAFT ONLY for shipments to/from or transiting the United States. Therefore, foreign flag carriers must comply with this prohibition even though it has not yet been adopted by ICAO or IATA.

The packages must be marked:

‘‘Primary Lithium batteries-Forbidden for transport aboard passenger aircraft’’

The restriction does not apply to those primary batteries that are installed in apparatus and equipment or spare batteries packed in passengers’ checked luggage. However, the requirement for prevention of short circuits is still mandatory for all types of batteries.

Secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries are used in camcorders, cell phones, and other portable electronic devices and are not included in this emergency regulation by the U.S. D.O.T./RSPA.

To view the Federal Register Notice please click on this link


The Dangerous Goods Advisory Council will hold its 6th International Conference on Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations and Issues at the Hilton Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, Thursday and Friday, 3rd and 4th of March, 2005

An optional special half-day briefing on transporting infectious substances will be held on 2 March in conjunction with the Conference. This briefing is a must item if you prepare or transport infectious substances. Steve Nash, Senior Vice President of MARSH CRISIS CONSULTING, and Linda Hume-Sastre, Vice Chair, UN SUBCOMMITTEE OF EXPERTS ON THE TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS are the featured participants.

The DGAC International Conference attracts regulators, shippers and carriers from throughout the world and should be on your agenda if you handle dangerous goods, regardless of your job title. The conference should be an extraordinary learning experience.

Click on http://www.hmac.org/04global.pdf for more information.

We’ll be there – look us up and say hello.

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