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December 2001 Newsletter

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World Trade Center Toll

The revised death toll at the World Trade Center in New York has been lowered to approximately 3,152. This includes people working at the WTC, visitors, and passengers on the two aircraft involved in the tragic terrorist attack. Originally the estimate was 6000, then later revised to approximately 5000. The city's new calculation method relies strictly on death certificates and a list of missing persons and duplications in the list that have been removed.

This includes passengers and crew on hijacked planes:
American Airlines Flight 11, which carried 92 people, and United Airlines Flight 175 with 65 people on board.

In Washington, D.C.

189 people perished - 125 at the Pentagon and 64 people on American Flight 77.

On United Airlines Flight 93, 44 passengers and crew perished as the aircraft crashed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania as a result of the heroic passengers attempting to regain control of the aircraft after the hijackers took control of the flight and diverted it towards Washington.

The total as of 7 December is 3,385.

After 9-11:
Newspapers throughout the United States have tried to memorialize the 3,385 victims of that vicious attack. The newspapers have been writing articles about each of the victims accompanied by pictures of the deceased and their loved ones. The stories have been positive and have told of the accomplishments, dreams, ambitions, and stories about the families that they have left behind. We are deeply saddened as we have learned about the children that they have left behind.

Most of our business colleagues, customers, and friends have been so touched by these tragedies that they are drawn to these stories in the newspapers day after day. This is not a morbid curiosity. We want to remember those innocent souls that have been so cruelly torn away from their families. They have faces that we have now seen. They have families that we now know…and we share their grief. Americans and people around the world will not forget them.

For those readers that are unfamiliar with our website, during October and November we had a hot link that showed people around the world who shared our sadness. If you care to review it, please turn on your computer's speakers and go to http://user.icx.net/~jimloy/usa/thank_you.htm

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  4. Some division 4.1 substances are used for____

    (a) Nail Polish base
    (b) Controlling angry mobs
    (c) Pesticides

  5. A skull and crossbones on a hazard warning label indicates that ________ is present.

    (a) An Infectious Substances
    (b) A Toxic Substance
    (c) None of these

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