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October 2001 Newsletter
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We have struggled with this newsletter for over a week. Nothing seemed appropriate.

Like most of the world, we watched the senseless vicious attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in disbelief. Living and working in the suburbs of New York City none of our own staff members or their immediate families were at risk. Some of our clients and individuals from our communities, our neighbors, were not so lucky. We knew none of the poor victims in the Pentagon. But we share the overwhelming sadness of families shattered by these tragedies. Most of all, we cry for the children.

Thousands of children waited at day care centers and schools for a parent who never failed to pick them up after work each day.

Except for September 11, 2001.

On that day, other family members, or friends of the families, or teachers, with tears streaming down their faces, had to collect those children.

If you are related to, or personally know, any of those children, please use the following link in order to download an essay to those children from Kathie Scobee Fulgham, the daughter of Dick Scobee, commander of the space shuttle Challenger on its final mission, Jan. 28, 1986. She wrote this essay for Gannett News Service. It appeared in the newspaper Florida Today on September 20. It may help those children to better cope with their grief. Mrs. Fulgham walked that same path.

A well-worn phrase is that America, and especially New York, is a melting pot. And surely it is. The only native-born Americans are the members of our glorious Indian Nations, rich in their own customs and cultures.

The rest of us, if we were born in the U.S.A., have roots back to just about every nation on this planet earth. Millions more have emigrated to this country from those nations as well. Some came to the U.S.A. to escape religious or ethnic intolerance; others to escape poverty or starvation; still others to secure an education in order to improve their lives. And some came for the romance and adventure of a different, divergent life. All would agree, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Are we perfect? No. But we do strive to attain that goal. And we all work at it every day.

Americans have extended their personal rights, rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, to all who visit our shores. How odd, that the terrorists were recipients of these acts of kindness and rules of law and reciprocated with acts of murder.

For special assistance for the children of the victims at the Pentagon and on the four passenger flights involved in the September 11th massacre, if you wish to make a donation please refer to the following website: http://www.libertyunites.org/s11cf.adp

New York State has set up a relief fund for the civilian and uniformed victims of the tragedy. This fund is for the benefit of all the victims, both injured and deceased, including innocent civilians, the dedicated firefighters, policemen, Port Authority officers, Emergency Medical Personnel and relief workers. The website is: http://www.helping.org/wtc/ny/nystate.htm

Now, back to the business of providing safety in transportation…..

This month's quiz deals with U.S. Environmental issues - "RQ's". U.S. Transportation Law mandates that the regulations concerning the transportation of environmentally hazardous substances must be complied with both domestically and internationally. Overseas shippers shipping into or through the United States are required to comply with these regulations prior to exporting certain chemicals from a foreign country. The European Union, using a different format, also has very strict regulations concerning the environment and we will cover those issues in future newsletters.

Best feedback questions asked last month (press here if you need to refer back to last quiz)

Q. Does an invoice from a training organization satisfy the FAA or D.O.T. that an employee is going to be trained, and, hopefully mitigate or eliminate a potential fine?
A. Probably not any more! The inspectors are sticklers for paperwork. They do ask training organizations from time to time to fax copies of records for certain companies. They have been known to question photocopies so we suggest that you keep the original records on file at the worksite.

Q. Does a training certificate or certificate of attendance satisfy the training record requirements?
A. Probably not, since most certificates merely state that you attended a course. If it spells out the material covered, certifies that the employee passed a written test, describes the training materials that were used, and is counter-signed by the instructor and the employer, it will pass muster. A fancy certificate all by itself won't hack it. Pay close attention to those details!

Q. If U.S. Customs seizes my hazardous materials shipment will they release it back to me if I promise not to ship it?
A. No! They will require training records that will ensure that the shipment will be corrected and a paper trail to the destination will be generated. You still pay the fine (usually $27,500.00) and storage charges and other penalties. U.S. Customs is kind of like the IRS, your credit card company, and your bank - the charges and fees keep piling up.

Q. When I got my IATA Agency Agreement I only had to train two employees at each location. Does that satisfy the U.S. D.O.T.?
A. No! You forgot to read the fine print - the 2 employees satisfied IATA that you were "on the way" to training all of your employees (see IATA Section 1.5 - there is no magic number "2"). IATA cannot enforce the rule to train all of your employees involved in handling dangerous goods. IATA is a trade group or "association" with no official status as an enforcement agency. In the U.S.A. you are required to observe U.S. Transportation Law. USDOT mandates that a hazmat employer must train all of its hazmat employees. Wherever the U.S. does not have jurisdiction you must comply with the U.N./I.C.A.O. or I.M.O. regulations that have been adopted as Law in the countries that have ratified the U.N. Recommendations, i.e., most of the members of the United Nations.

Your HAZMAT quiz for October, 2001:
Just roll your mouse over the for the answer!

What do you know about -

  1. . An "RQ" is regulated by ___________
    (a) IATA
    (b) U.S. D.O.T.
    (c) OSHA
    (d) EPA
    (e) Both (b) & (d)
  2. "RQ" is determined by ____________
    (a) Total Quantity in shipment
    (b) Total Quantity in a container
    (c) The hazard Class
    (d) OSHA
  3. "RQ" means __________
    (a) Rejected Quota
    (b) Recoverable Quota
    (c) Reportable Quantity
    (d) Required Quantity
  4. . If you spill an "RQ" you are required to immediately __________
    (a) Report it to the D.O.T. by phone
    (b) Fill out a report
    (c) Clean it up
    (d) Call OSHA
  5. A 500 litre portable tank of a liquid with a flash point of 75 degrees C. is _____________
    (a) Regulated by IATA
    (b) Regulated by the airline
    (c) Regulated by D.O.T.
    (d) Regulated by OSHA
    (e) Not regulated (f) Both (a) and (b)

The answers, or, really, partial answers were in Section 2.9 of your IATA Regulations, USG-04 - we issue a supplementary booklet in our training programs to cover this topic. However, every shipper, broker, forwarder, and packer should maintain a current copy of U.S. Title 49 CFR. The importer and broker are responsible for compliance with U.S. Regulations by foreign shippers when they ship into the United States.

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